SAP Consulting

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At Systems Apps and Controls (SAC), our goals are to help you reach your business targets faster and to increase your competitiveness. Our expert Business & IT Consulting Services help you make changes quickly, so you can satisfy customers and easily adapt to new requirements.

We can help you:

  • Address gaps between business needs and IT capabilities
  • Adopt Enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) and a service-oriented approach
  • Overcome communication challenges to achieve goals easier and ensure IT’s success
  • Get clear insight into your complex enterprise using our enterprise architecture expertise
  • Make continuous process improvement a reality
  • Achieve dramatic performance improvements faster
Count on us for expert guidance along all phases of the transformation process enabled by our proven products, methodologies and best practices. Meet your unique business requirements with a comprehensive, customizable package of Business & IT Consulting Services. SAP Implementation Methodology
An SAP implementation is a large scale, multi-month (or year) project that requires a "methodology" to help organizations successfully execute an SAP implementation and maximize the use of SAP's functionality after go-live. Because of the complexity inherent in SAP's software, consultants and companies around the world have built successful consulting businesses solely focused on the implementation of SAP.
SAP's implementation methodology was first called "ASAP" meaning Accelerated SAP. The ASAP toolset was migrated to Solution Manager around 2004. The SOLMAN tool is used for project management, documentation, system support, defect tracking and many other requirements associated with an SAP implementation.

SAP Implementation Methodology Roadmap:

  • Phase 1: Project Planning
  • Phase 2: Blueprinting
  • Phase 3: Realization
  • Phase 4: Final Prep
  • Phase 5: Go Live
Each implementation phase has a set of goals and outcomes. For example, at the completion of the Blueprint phase, the business analysts should have developed a document, or blueprint, that details all the business processes that will be implemented in the SAP software with information about the flow of the transactions. At the completion of the Realization phase, the SAP system will be fully configured and ready for integration testing.
During the Final Prep phase, testing and training will take place. And finally, during Go Live, the data conversion will be completed and users will start performing their daily business transactions in their new SAP system.
Systems Apps and Controls (SAC) offers training for the SAP implementation team in all major SAP application and technical areas. Our trainers can customize the course content described in the courses below to meet the requirements of your project. Learn more about our SAP training options.

SAP Project Management and SAP Organizational Change Management:

Every SAP project needs Change Management, or the 'soft skills' that can literally make or break a big ERP implementation. Our experts will guide you through the key areas you need when rolling out your upcoming or current SAP implementation.