Solutions for Industries

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Solutions for Industries

Learn how the SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) industry strategy supports you » End users need to be able to perform critical tasks and understand defined business processes for you to realize the full value of your software solution. SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) has the expertise to help you set up a program that will bring your user community to a high level of proficiency. We can work with you to build SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) competence and confidence and then help you sustain it in the years ahead.

User Adoption Plan

The User Adoption Plan engages you in an interactive process where we partner with you to discover information and use it to customize a training strategy for your organization. There are three main phases:
Data collection and identification of implementation objectives.
In this discovery phase, we will organize data into a format used for subsequent analysis and planning.
Analysis and plan development.
Planning will be conducted with your subject matter experts and end users to identify goals and guide development of a Implementation strategy.
Presentation of user adoption plan.
SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) will deliver a final product that recommends a training approach, project plans, resource requirements and cost estimates. The plan also addresses the critical success factor of how to sustain adoption of SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) by your user community over the life time.

Learning Accelerator

SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) Learning Accelerator is authoring software that gives you the ability to design, create and publish a complete training program including e-learning sessions, assessments and online help to maximize user adoption of SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) software.

Learning Accelerator also has simulation content libraries so you can more quickly customize simulations to exactly match your business practices and daily use.

Software by Industry

Your industry is unique, with distinct needs that might not be shared with organizations in other industries. Your business needs and challenges deserve more than a “one-size-fits-most” enterprise solution. You deserve solutions that are made for your industry. At SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC), we don’t just understand your industry. We dedicate years and resources to living your industry. And we combine our experience with in-depth knowledge of best practices to design industry-focused, "fitted" solutions.