Financial Management


Financial Management Software

Consolidate Your Finances to Make Real-time Reports
Manage all your receivables in a single system. Get an up-to-date picture of what is owed to your organization. It doesn't matter if a transaction happens on your website or offline, SAC gives you instant access to all of your invoice and payment data.
Use one online system for all invoicing. All transactions in SAC automatically generate an invoice, and others can be added manually. Customizable templates are provided for invoices, which are generated and numbered according to your specifications. Invoices can be sent to payers automatically based on your settings, and you can manually find, review, print or email any invoice at any time.
Simplify your payment tracking. Online payments are automatically matched to the appropriate invoice. You can also record payments taken offline (i.e. "real-world" payments such as checks and cash). Once a payment is made or recorded, it is immediately reflected in your reporting. SAC also allows you to set custom 'payment tenders' for your cash-flow reporting so you can easily generate payment reports and track payment refunds.
Get an up-to-the-moment view of your organization's finances. With your income and payment data in a single online database, reports can be generated directly by any authorized board member, staff member or volunteer. A variety of reports let you see the big picture in real-time, anytime:
  • Income report - summary of your income based on the invoices recorded in the system
  • Payments and refunds report - summary of incoming funds categorized by payment type
  • Donations report - summary of donations
  • Aging receivables - track outstanding payments by age and type
  • Tax reports - track taxes billed and collected