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MRO Aviation Software, Aircraft Maintenance Software Services

SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) Software provides a variety of services. We offer a comprehensive turn-key installation of SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) Software Products, on-going support and maintenance, Implementation planning, procedures manual development as well as customization and data migration services.

We will work with your organization to determine the best SYSTEMS APPS CONTROLS (SAC) based business practices and software components and then help you implement those strategies. We make sure that all your power users, executives and end users know how to effectively use the software in their individual roles. We also provide testing and support to help you manage your operation as your business evolves.
With over many years of experience, our team of professionals is uniquely qualified to help your company address many of the challenges you might face in building your business.
We provide end-to-end consulting services to help you plan, implement, learn, manage, and optimize your operation.


  • Unlimited Parts / 30 Character Part Numbers
  • Lifetime Part Revision Control and Lifetime Traceability
  • Part Search by Multiple, User Defined Filters
  • On-Screen, Lifetime History of all Part
  • Unlimited, Rules-Based PN Alternates (X-Refs) with Interchangeability Control
  • Item / Lot Level Costing by Average / Standard / Actual / LIFO / FIFO
  • Unlimited Physical and Virtual Warehouses
  • Fully-Integrated Bar Code Capability
  • Automated Unit of Measure (UoM) Conversion
  • Integrated Bills of Material with Unlimited BoM Levels and “BoM Inheritance”
  • Warranty Tracking and Shelf Life Tracking by PN and/or Lot
  • Integrated Part Configuration Management and Engineering Library Control
  • Unlimited Part Categories / Unlimited Attached Notes, Messages and Memos
  • End-to-End Management of “Brokered” and “From Stock” Supply transactions
  • One-time Data Entry for all Transactions
  • Full Transaction Cycle Audit History
  • Advanced Part Sourcing Algorithms with Massive RFQ Broadcast
  • Seamless Integration with External Data Services
  • Unlimited Bill-To / Ship-To / Pay-To Addresses
  • Integrated Expediting and Follow-up Tools for all Transactions
  • Consolidated Invoices and Shipping Documents
  • Integrated Warranty, RMA and Claim Processing
  • Integrated Commission Processing
  • Includes Electronic Forms for all Transactions
  • Complete Support of ISO and other QA Standards
  • Accommodates US, European, Canadian and Other Tax Regulations
  • Full Multiple-Currency Support for all Transactions and Records
  • Hundreds of User-Defined, Exportable Reports
  • Built-in Data Import / Export Utilities
  • On-board Email, Fax, XML Document Delivery


  • Manage All Line and Heavy Maintenance Checks
  • Supports Routine and Non-Routine Work
  • Unlimited User-Defined Scopes of Work, by Aircraft
  • Simultaneously Manage Multiple Line and Heavy Checks
  • Manage Cards by Zone, ATA, Location, User-Defined Categories
  • Combine Multiple Scopes into a Single Maintenance Work Order
  • Combine Similar Cards from Multiple Scopes
  • Produce Unlimited, Routine / Non-Routine Job Cards per Aircraft
  • Unlimited Instructions / Notes
  • Manage and Track Deferred Cards
  • Resource Planning and Scheduling
  • Parts Forecasting Based on Maintenance Schedules
  • Bar-Coded, Real Time Electronic Labor Time Collection
  • “Paperless”, Wireless & RF Data Access Directly From the Aircraft
  • Integrated Parts Requisitions and Parts Booking From Shop Floor
  • Manage Tools Assigned to Work Orders/Cards
  • Tight Integration with Microsoft® Office Products, Including MS Project
  • Work-in-Process (WIP) Accounting for Parts and Labor
  • On-line Access to Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
  • Fully Integrated Electronic Images, Drawings, Video and Audio Files
  • Automatic Alerts for Cost Overruns, Budget Constrains and Events
  • Complete Maintenance History by Aircraft Make, Model and Serial No.
  • Generates Log Book Entries
  • Labor Overtime and Shifts Management
  • Integrated Real Time Cost and Profit Analysis
  • Tightly Integrated with Rotables Management and Outside Services
  • Flexible Customer Invoicing Options Including Progress Billing
  • Flexible Third Party Billing Options


  • Complete Tracking and Control of Rotary and Fixed Wing Usage Records
  • User Determined Data Collection at Component, Sub Assembly and System Levels
  • All Data Automatically Updates Across the Configurable System
  • User-Defined Formulas Enable Precise Compliance with OEM Specs, SBs and ADs
  • Fully Integrated with Flight Operations for On-line Update of Hours / Cycles/ Landings
  • RIN / Auto-Rotation Calculation and Tracking
  • User-friendly Procedure for Component / Engine Install and Remove
  • Integrated with Component Warranty and Expiration Date Tracking
  • Reference by ATA Chapters / Aircraft Zone and Sub-Zone
  • Easy Auto-Update of Components / Engines / Airframe with Undo, Modify Functions
  • Tracks MEL / Cargo / Passengers / Weights / Crew Training
  • Unscheduled Maintenance Recording
  • Electronic Flight Log
  • Collects and Reports Data for Reliability Centered Maintenance (MSG-3) and ETOPS
  • MTBF / MTBR / MTBM Analysis
  • Engineering Reports provides Multiple Views of Component and Aircraft Records
  • Easy to Export Technical Records Database
  • “As Maintained” Aircraft Configuration Management and Tracking


  • One-time Data Entry
  • Robust System-wide, Roles-based Access and User Control
  • Lifetime Full Traceability and Part Revision Control
  • Accommodates Identical PNs for Unrelated Items
  • Unlimited, Rules-based PN Alternates with Interchangeability Codes
  • Unlimited Bills of Material with “BoM Inheritance”
  • Unlimited Configurations by PN and Serial No.
  • On-line “As Maintained” History by Individual Aircraft or Assembly
  • li> Embedded Alerts for Procedure and Transaction Violations
  • Multiple Approval Levels
  • Automatic, Protected, End-to-End transaction Cycle History
  • Multi-dimension Graphical Presentation of all Linked Transactions
  • Structured, Barcode enabled Receiving and Shipping Procedures
  • Fully Integrated Customer RMA and Vendor Claim Processing
  • Automatic Vendor Quality Audit and Supply Chain Performance Reporting
  • Tools and Equipment Calibration Tracking and Control
  • Employee Training, Certification and Skill Tracking
  • End-to-End Procedure and Documentation Support of ISO and other QA Programs
  • Large QA Report Library
  • Reliable and Stable MS SQL Database