Ad-hoc Analysis & Reporting


Ad-hoc Analysis & Reporting

Who doesn’t want information sooner? Decision-makers are pressuring finance and IT to get the information they need more quickly. Long closing and reporting cycles, waiting for data loads, and reporting backlogs often delay access to vital information.
Systems Apps Controls (SAC) provides users with direct but secure access to information via Microsoft Excel, interactive reporting and dashboards users have access to the information they need, and the format they want to make the decisions that drive business performance.
A unique visual analysis solution, which enables you to ask the questions that your report writers never thought of. No more waiting for customised reports and no more spreadsheets. One of the biggest challenges in organisations today is how to maximise the value of the vast amounts of information captured across databases, departments and projects.
Systems Apps Controls (SAC) is a self-service solution developed specifically to enable users of all ability levels to interact visually with key business information. Using simple drag-and-drop actions, users can explore standard metrics, while answering their own ad hoc questions with ease, building up powerful views to answer queries in a step-by-step fashion.
Data is displayed in a tabular format in the workspace, in a unique spreadsheet-like environment that users find familiar, simple to use and easy to understand. This eliminates the requirement for extensive training.
In addition, this intuitive interface allows users to create and refine queries with ease, while dynamic charting provides immediate visual feedback – fulfilling reporting and analysis requirements without any need for spreadsheets, customised reports or technical assistance. Aside from the obvious benefits of empowering business users in this unique way, valuable technical resource is freed up for other value-adding tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Place self-service analysis in the hands of those who know their data best.
  • Increase return on investment from your SAC applications and unlock the value of underlying data.
  • Use “out of the box metrics” to ensure added value from Day One.
  • Radically improve time to decision without waiting on others to generate the required analysis.
  • Eliminate costs and delays incurred in designing and developing custom reports.
  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets and eliminate uncontrolled copies of aged data.
  • Get a single view of information from all SAC applications in a single, intuitive interface.
  • Share insights instantly with your team, partners, suppliers and customers.

Further information

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